Frequently Asked Questions

Codivate runs 3 sessions per year -- Spring, Summer, and Fall. Depending on your chapter, at least 2 of our 8 original courses will be offered. All classes are conducted virtually through either platforms Zoom or GSuite Google Meet. At the beginning of each class, students are put into "breakout rooms" with their assigned tutor, where each class takes place for the entirety of the hour.

During class, tutors will explain that lesson's content and concepts, along with prompting students to think about and answer questions that encourage learning. Students will also be provided with ample time during class to complete a set of several exercises to apply their newfound knowledge. It is strongly encouraged that students work at home on any exercises that are not completed during class time.
Yes. For every class, tutors earn 1 volunteer/service hour as compensation for their time and effort. For either of our block-based courses, tutors will also earn an additional 3 hours to account for the time and effort spent becoming familiar with the platform and its various features. These volunteer hours can be used in various places, most notably in applications for the National Honors Society (NHS).

To verify a tutor's involvement and hours, email us at or use the contact form.
Absolutely nothing. Each and every one of Codivate's courses are and always will be 100% free. Codivate is guided by the mission to help students everywhere improve their computational thinking and practical programming skills, regardless of socioeconomic status.
Codivate recruits high school volunteers to tutor for our various courses. Upon applying, tutors' applications will be reviewed to ensure their programming experience, volunteer experience, and potential sociability with students.
Interactivity is a hallmark of Codivate's curriculum and class structure. The middleground of the 3:1 student-tutor ratio allows for both the benefits of the small-group model and the focused one-on-one attention that students need to succeed.
Students can expect a robust and deep understanding of the given subject as well as a strong command of many of the tools and techniques that are used. Students will become proficient in their understanding of the fundamentals of computational thinking and gain confidence in their own abilities as programmers.
Codivate's class model employs a 3:1 student-tutor ratio. Extensive research has shown that students taught in small groups have greater motivation, enthusiasm to learn, and inter-peer connections.
Yes! Codivate is 100% student-run. All of our core team members and chapter managers are dedicated and tireless high school and college students with a passion for coding and a drive to share it with others.
Chapters are extensions of Codivate's reach across US states, regions, and countries. Chapters manage operations across their jurisdiction and take the role of gathering interest, managing classes, and facilitating student-tutor communication.
Yes. Codivate is a certified non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. We are officially headquartered in the state of New Jersey.
Absolutely! Head over to our Donate Page for more information.