Meet The Founders

Aditya Prasad

Aditya is a senior at WW-P High School South who is interested in civic technology and web development. In his free time, he likes to lift weights, play volleyball, and bait friends into hour-long debates.

Krish Thawani

Krish is a senior at WW-P High School South who is interested in data science, mobile app development, and competitive programming. He also enjoys cooking, finance, and occasionally feeding squirrels.

Ritvik Rangaraju

Ritvik is a senior at WW-P High School South. When he isn't working on Codivate, he enjoys learning about MOND and stellar evolution. In his spare time, he also likes to play pool, chess, ping-pong, or go biking.

Meet The Core Team

Curriculum Development

Siddarth Narayanan

Intermediate Python

Siddarth is a junior at WW-P High School South that has a deep interest in Data Science. When he isn't developing Python curriculum and is away from his keyboard, Sid loves playing all kinds of sports (like basketball and volleyball) competitively and for fun with friends.

Krishaan Chaudhary

Intro to Python

Krishaan is a senior at the Academy of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering in Rockway. As a kid, interest in math has helped him develop a strong passion for problem solving, which led to coding. Outside of computer science and math, Krishaan likes playing and watching tennis and basketball.

Kian Holden

Intro to BBP (Scratch) & Intermediate Java

Kian is a senior at WW-P High School South. When he was in elementary school, Kian's dad taught him how to code, and he's loved it ever since. Outside of computer science, Kian plays video games and listens to music.

Rishabh Narayanan

Intro to Java, Intermediate Java, Intermediate Python

Rishabh is a junior in WW-P High School South. He loves to code because he loves a good challenge. After learning and applying languages like Java and Python, Rishabh is keen on spreading his love for coding with younger students.

Aathreya Kadambi

Intro to BBP (Snap) & Interm. Java

Aathreya is a senior at WW-P High School South. Although he originally got into coding to make video games, he now uses it for all kinds of math and chemistry projects. He's familiar with several languages but his absolute favorites are C++ and Java.

Som Shrivastava

Intro to Frontend Web Design

Som is a freshman at East Brunswick High School. As a middle schooler, Som got curious about how websites work and how they're made, developing a passion for web development that carries on today. Outside of coding, Som likes to watch and play cricket.

Bhaumik Mehta

Intermediate Python

Bhaumik is a sophomore at WW-P High School North. His background in competitive math eventually lead him to coding, which he discovered he also deeply enjoys. Currently, he is trying to learn more about Reinforcement Learning. In his free time, he loves running and playing various sports with his friends.

Chapter Direction

Atharva Bhalke

Atharva is a senior at WW-P High School South who is interested in quantum computing and artificial intelligence. When he isn’t working with chapters, students, parents, or tutors, you can find him biking in his neighborhood, fishing, or listening to music.

Anushya Shankar

Anushya is a senior at WW-P High School South. First introduced to programming with First Lego League in fifth grade, she has come a long way, now helping younger girls learn coding. Outside of technology, Anushya enjoys singing, fencing, and watching movies with family and friends.

Anil Brahmajosyula

Anil Brahmajosyula is a senior at WW-P High School South who has a deep interest in cybersecurity and AI. When Anil isn't coding, you can find him playing basketball or video games with friends. Anil is excited and honored to lead Codivate to future success.

Brian Zhao

Brian is a senior at WW-P High School South. As the co-captain of the varsity tennis team, Brian knows the importance of perseverance and determination. You can find him biking, reading, and playing piano. He’s honored and excited in leading Codivate to future success.


Maethili Patel

Maethili is a senior at WW-P High School South that is passionate about Astronomy and Computer Science. When she isn't managing Codivate's social media presence, Maethili enjoys tutoring young kids.

Julia Nosé

Julia is a senior at WW-P High School South. When she isn’t helping expand Codivate's reach, Julia loves to she loves volunteering for charitable organizations, playing field hockey with friends, and hikings.

Aryan Avlash

Aryan is a junior at WW-P High School South who is interested in AI and iOS mobile app development. When he isn't programming, Aryan likes to play basketball, tutor for Codivate, and play his favorite instruments.


Mihika Shankar

Mihika is a high schooler at WW-P High School North who is very passionate about artificial intelligence and business. When she isn't coding, Mihika enjoys spending time with her friends and family and catching up on Netflix.

Mahitha Thippireddy

Mahitha is a sophomore at WW-P High School South who enjoys programming and math and helping to manage Codivate's finances. In her free time, Mahitha likes to read fiction, listen to music, and swim.