Learn to think like a programmer.

Combining fun, accessibility, and comprehensive curriculum, Codivate takes a non-traditional approach to learning coding, leveling the playing field for everyone.

Welcome to the future of the coding class.

Getting started with coding, the right way.

More than ever, coding has become a universally powerful tool. But to learn it, students often turn to traditional programs that emphasize memorizing nitty-gritty syntax instead of learning the actual logic behind coding -- a process that is usually counterproductive.

That’s why Codivate employs creative teaching methods in order to optimize our students' ability to understand crucial skills, retain knowledge, and apply essential concepts.







Curriculum that engages and inspires.

Traditional teaching methods feature a class structure based on the lecture followed by brief application. Codivate redefines this model by seamlessly integrating the two for a more effective balance.

Building an engaging group dynamic.

Our unique 3:1 student-tutor ratio empowers us to do so much more. Extensive research has shown that students taught in small groups have greater motivation, enthusiasm to learn, and inter-peer connections. This distinct dynamic has the power to bring tutoring to a whole new level.

Why Codivate?

Our first priority is ensuring student understanding, retention, and enjoyment. As such our curricula and class structure have been meticulously designed to foster an ideal learning environment.

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Interactive Projects

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