Getting started with coding, the right way.

At our core, we are driven by the mission to effectively introduce young students to the world of programming. We understand that it is a skill that is more important now than ever -- which is why it has to be done right. With the traditional ways through which children learn to code, new students quickly become bored and even scared. They may not understand the obscure intricacies of every programming language, whether it is the syntax or irrelevant structural differences. They could understandably even feel intimidated by the idea of writing complex programs from scratch.

That’s why we have decided that a change needs to be made. Here at Codivate, we employ creative teaching methods to optimize our students' ability to understand crucial skills, retain knowledge, and have fun. Using our carefully curated curricula, students can understand and apply key concepts without having to deal with the pitfalls of language-specific modules and syntax that deter so many from the field of computer science.

Our Team

Engaging & fun group lessons

Our unique 3:1 student-teacher format enables us to do so much more than we would otherwise be able to. Extensive research has shown that students taught in small groups have greater motivation and enthusiasm to learn. The distinct dynamic that this creates has the power to take tutoring to a whole new level.

    Why a small-group structure?

  • Same pace for all students
  • Consistent quality of education
  • Collaboration between students
  • Engaging environment
  • Highly structured

Pick a session

We have Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions.

Choose a course

Choose from our wide selection of courses -- some more beginner-oriented, and some for more experienced learners.

Attend our classes

Depending on the specific course and session, class frequencies will vary from once to twice a week.

Why Codivate?

Our first priority is ensuring student understanding, retention, and enjoyment. Pursuant to this, our curricula and class setup have been meticulously designed to create an ideal learning environment.


Dedicated tutors

In every class, several of our skilled tutors are present to work with students and address their unique questions and needs.


High quality

All of our courses are closely aligned to key topics of programming while providing students with a new perspective through which to see them.


Interactive projects

A flagship feature of our classes is the set of interactive mini-projects that are given to students in each class to reinforce the newly-introduced concepts.


Constant support

Tutors are available every day of the week to help students with anything they need.